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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Anderson Shelter Restoration: Day 4

Today we began by giving the side panel we prepared yesterday a coat of undercoat on the outer and inner surface. 
Once thoroughly dry, this will be given a coat or two of silver rust-protecting top coat.

The lower front panel was then given a coat of rust-protecting silver top coat.

The next job was to cut a new right-hand front panel to replace the original one that was beyond repair from our shelter. Unfortunately, the correct size of corrugated steel is no longer available, so we had to compromise with commercially available material, kindly donated by Roland from Plymouth Museum. This corrugated sheeting is much thinner and more flexible than the original, but once buried in the ground, we hope that this will not cause any problems. 

The left-hand panel we restored previously was used as a template to mark out the new panel. This was then cut out using the angle-grinder, wire brushed and repaired ready for rust-treating and painting. 

Once we had finished using the original panel as a template, it was given a coat of undercoat in preparation for its silver top coat.

Here, the four panels making up the front of the Anderson shelter can be seen laid out together; the non-original panel can be seen on the left - once in place, this will be on the right-hand side. Tomorrow we will begin work on the next side panel - and plant some seeds in the 'Dig for Victory' garden!

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