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Friday, 25 February 2011

New Potting Shed

Over the last couple of days, we have been working in the garden to prepare for the new growing season.

As a result of all the hard work by parents and pupils at Elburton, we managed to collect enough 'Let's Grow' vouchers from the Morrison's gardening scheme to aquire, amongst other things, a new potting shed. The shed's base measures 1827mm x 2422mm, and has a height of 2460mm, making it perfect for small groups of children to use to plant seeds and repot seedlings. The shed will also act as a much needed storage facility for the children's gardening tools and other equipment.

Although the construction of the shed has now been completed, there are a few cosmetic things to do in order to make it fit in better with the 1940s theme this year. We plan to fix some hooks along the front of the shed which may be used to hang steel helmets, gas mask bags, coats etc, and the whole shed will be given a coat of 'dark oak' wood preservative to 'age' the wood a little more - it looks far to new at the moment!

The inside of the shed features a long potting table behind the glazed roof, but apart from this, there are no shelves to store pots, seed trays etc. Also, there are no internal hooks to hand gardening tools; this will be the next job.

We are very pleased with this new addition to the school garden, and look forward to seeing the children putting it to good use!


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